Dear world, 

Foto-Credit: Andrei Pungovschi

I was part of the Alpbach-in-Motion cohort 2021 – a group of 35 Europeans, emerging leaders who got together over 4 days during the European Forum Alpbach to inquire into what is needed for Europe to tackle our current challenges. As part of the process, everyone of us contributed a few words or sentences on a post-it, culminating in the letter below through a co-creation technique designed by Bistra Kumbaroska from Heartbeats InCo (

It’s a heartfelt invitation to a collective leap forward.


Dear world,

thank you for listening, this is Europe speaking or at least 35 Europeans who gathered in the past four days in Alpbach and co-imagined a Europe we all want.

Allow me to begin with capitalism.

Capitalism will not solve the climate crisis and we choose to talk about that loudly. 

Pessimism doesn’t help anyone but we believe that the European economy can learn from frameworks like Doughnut Economics or Regenerative Economy and extend the economic system from profit driven towards ecologically sustainable and socially inclusive. 

Some of the ways we could move forward include: Educating citizens on financial literacy, offering more transparency in lobbying processes, focussing on SMEs and financial transaction tax, thinking long-term about European capital markets and stopping money printing. 

For a start! 🙂

We know it’s not easy but we want our leaders of all walks of life to start trusting us and letting us lead. We are able to come up with new solutions – but we need you to respect & understand that we can not use the existing business models anymore. We are committed to innovate & disrupt together with you but…

… we have no time to wait.

We ask ourselves: Are we going to solve the climate crisis? Of course, we are. As African American activist Angela Daris says:

„We have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world and we have to do it all the time!“

Let’s act more and talk less and focus on the how. Every single contribution matters.

We need participatory measures to do climate action. We need to allow Planet Earth to sit on every decision making table with us. We need to establish CO2 footprint everywhere as precise and easy as we count calories.

World, we also know that we have some serious re-invention to do do. Our European identity, citizenship and values are not always clear to you and believe us, we get confused ourselves. But we commit to do more in bringing the European identity across and doing it with radical honesty.
We commit to the power to change and not power over anyone / anything. We commit to building human rights oriented economies and being bold in doing so.

Lastly, dear world, we need you.

Sorry if we forget that at times but forums like this are a great reminder of the power of diversity and collective intelligence. We don’t want to be the old continent. We want to be the place for regeneration –  a system that generates more energy than it consumes.

And we ask you to join us in this gentle revolution of humble rebels.

In solidarity,

Yours always,


(AIM cohort 2021)

Alpbach in Motion
Alpbach in Motion

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